Professional paths in logistics:

Diverse. Responsible. Pioneering.

We take on a wide range of responsibilities in our transport and logistics divisions on behalf of our customers – from transportation and warehousing to customer-specific services that streamline our customers’ value chains. This means our activities are just as diverse. You can draw on the full range of Nagel-Group’s expertise – whether in our branches or administration departments, or our various subsidiaries at home or abroad.
Find out what suits you and delve into Nagel-Group’s multi-faceted professional worlds. There’s more out there for you with us on your side!

Keeping things on the move

Our transport and logistics solutions supply Europe with its food every day. We need a committed and reliable workforce to get the job done. Whether you pick or pack in the warehouse, load or unload in the cross-docking’ warehouse or are a professional driver who not only brings the goods but is also our face to the customer – combining with your colleagues, you get great things moving. Not so happy in the spotlight yourself, but prefer to help others shine? At the same time, you’re a meticulous organiser, you like to keep track of things but can also spontaneously ditch the plan if needs be? Then come and plan routes in our dispatch department or support us in controlling our entire network.


Potential Professions:

  • Professional driver
  • Driver and fleet support
  • Dispatcher
  • Warehouse employee/assistant
  • Contract logistics employee
  • Loading equipment management employee
  • Service employee
  • Car body fitter and painter

Sascha Neumann, Professional driver

„Once a trucker, always a trucker.“

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Daniel Orzall, Operations manager

„ I am always impressed by the services we provide every day in the branch office and in the network to serve the public at large.“

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Stefan Bellmann, Cross-docking warehouse supervisor

„What I find positive about Nagel-Group is that it also offers career opportunities for career changers.“

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Alexander Rhön Bochum Nagel-Group

Alexander Röhn, Warehouse logistics specialist

I like coming to work because I just feel good here. You can take on responsibility if you want to even when you are young!.“

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Technology & IT

Even innovative minds who love bits & bytes and enthuse about the possibilities offered by technology, information technology, digitalisation and automation can really take off at Nagel-Group. Our in-house software architect, CAL Consult, represents top-quality performance, as does our corporate IT. Or maybe technology that you can touch is more your thing? No problem! In our in-house workshops, you will be making sure our vehicle fleet is fit for the road and operating safely. Or would you rather reach for the stars and take the shortest route to your destination? Then get to grips with our flow of goods automation, plan our next property or design a fully automated warehouse.



Potential professions:

  • Operational facility management technician
  • System administrator
  • Business Consultant WMS
  • SAP FI Key User
  • Inhouse Consultant / Projectmanager*in SAP HCM
  • Projectmanager  truck telematics
  • Mechanic/mechatronic technician
Ida Becker

Ida Becker, Team leader for identity and access management

„Together with my team, I am responsible for developing a group-wide identity and access solution and supporting colleagues in the creation of authorisation methodologies. I particularly enjoy getting to grips with new topics and working out ideas together with the specialist departments.“


Aykut Canbulat, IT und KVP-Manager

„Mein abwechslungsreicher Job in der IT macht mir sehr viel Spaß und bedeutet für mich, meinen Kollegen einen optimale und funktionierende IT- Landschaft anzubieten, damit sie sich auf ihre eigentlichen Aufgaben konzentrieren können.“

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Figures & fine print

Do you like to have the big picture in view and make sure all your numbers line up? Then follow your passion and discover the various opportunities in the field of taxation, accounting, finance (TAF) or controlling. Do you like to prod the wound, identify weak points in processes, work out where the opportunities for improvement are and then supervising their implementation? Then operational excellence or CIP management is just the thing for you. If you have tact and sensitivity, enjoy taking responsibility and can keep a cool head even in tricky situations, you will feel completely at home in our legal, auditing or purchasing departments.


Potential professions:

  • Fully qualified lawyer
  • Business lawyer
  • Controller
  • Purchasing systems and processes employee
  • Accounting
  • Accounting department employee
  • Quality management employee



Markus Flore, Head of Corporate Controlling & Financial Solutions

I welcome the fact that I have always been given a great deal of room for manoeuvre, even in my “fledgeling” years, and the opportunity to take on responsibility early on.

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Mateusz Piatek, Quality and CIP Manager

„I have improved my professional and personal skills through further training as an internal quality management auditor. Nagel-Group was very supportive and enabled me to complete this. I can put these skills into practice every day in my daily work.“

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People & communication

Are ones and zeros not your thing, but you’re at home in a world of nuances? Are you a communicative person, you can inspire and persuade people, empathic and engaging? Then marketing is where you’ll come into your own. Has your longest working relationship lasted more than a year? Then become part of our sales team and work in partnership and alongside our customers. Do you never lose your temper and love getting to the bottom of problems to sort them out once and for all? Then you would fit in perfectly in our customer service team! Or is your focus more on people? Then start your career in people management and support your colleagues from the first time they contact us until they move on.


Potential professions:

  • HR business partner
  • Personnel developer
  • Payroll employee
  • Training management
  • Marketing professional
  • Internal & external communication professional
  • Key account manager
  • Internal sales/field service employee

Jennifer Przybilla, HR and training management

„My main task is HR management, and here there are many varied and exciting tasks on the agenda.“

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Marie Hinzmann

Marie Hinzmann, Corporate Marketing / PR

The times in which we live have become extremely fast-moving and so has marketing, of course. Often you have to deal with completely new topics; there are always new marketing trends. And it is precisely this fast pace of life that makes my job so exciting.