For me, EMPOWER means that there is more than just one solution to every problem! Once a trucker, always a trucker.

Sascha Neumann

Position: Professional driver

Part of Nagel-Group since: August 2018

My career at Nagel-Group and before that:

1998 - 2005

Secondary school

2005 - 2008

Vocational qualification for university entrance | Business administration

2008 - 20011

Apprenticeship as professional driver

2011 - 2014

Professional driver in local transport | 18 tonnes

2014 - 2017

Springer x Springer | (local and long-distance traffic & shunters)


Professional driver in long-distance transport

No two days are alike at Nagel-Group. There is always variety, and I really enjoy that. My apprenticeship went by in a flash. I learned new things every day, and that was also thanks to my great work colleagues.

From the very beginning, I was welcomed with open arms and always with a smile. After completing my warehouse and workshop training, I was able to get my class C/CE driving licence. Nagel-Group is a fair and trustworthy employer. I can turn to my supervisors with any concern, and they always have an ear for me. All employees are considerate and value working in a peaceful and harmonious environment. Of course, there are also stressful days that are particularly demanding. But I like to just roll my sleeves up and get on with them – people appreciate you for that.

My job is special because even in these times of crisis (Covid-19) you get recognition from outsiders. I prepare myself and my truck responsibly, carefully and using all my experience, so that the vehicle and goods do not get damaged. The food industry never sleeps; there is always something to do, day or night. I never imagined in my past that one day I would become a professional driver. But the movement of goods from production, through transport to sales appealed to me, which is why I’m now a trucker. As soon as I get in my truck, I think, “Yes! This is where I belong.” The professional driver’s future is evolving from day to day. Whether it’s the technology packed into the highly modern trucks or loading and unloading at the customer’s site. It’s just a pity that the job description is still often underrated in today’s world (e.g. life in a truck). We professional drivers are working hard to break down these prejudices.