Binding principles of the way we think and act.

Our sense of responsibility towards employees, customers and business partners alike means Nagel-Group is fully committed to the principles of responsible corporate governance.

Our goal is to meet our customers’ needs and expectations every day with the greatest possible quality and reliability. We can only achieve this by dealing with each other with honesty and sincerity – both in our internal and external relationships. Compliance with ethical, social and ecological standards justifies the unreserved trust we enjoy from our customers and employees.

We are committed to business integrity in fully complying with relevant laws and have drawn up a code of conduct for employees and suppliers. This sets out the standards we require for quality, business ethics and integrity and is binding for the entire Nagel-Group. The following principles apply to all Nagel-Group employees and service providers.

Labour Standards

We observe the principles of the “Global Compact” of the United Nations and the “ETI Base Code”. Additionally, we respect the principles set out in the ILO’s “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work”, adopted in 1998, in accordance with national law and practice.

We provide for safe and healthy working conditions, and agreeable working hours. In addition, we respect the right of co-determination, value representation of interests, and ensure fair payment.

Health & Safety

Health and safety is an integral part of all our operational processes. Our working environment needs to be safe and clean. The current regulations for health and safety and hygiene have to be implemented and strictly adhered to. To ensure this, measures are taken and processes are developed which minimise risks, accidents, and negative health effects.

Managers have the responsibility to set an example in this area. Safety and health at the workplace constitutes the basis of our company’s success.

Business Ethics

Compliance with laws and regulations is just as important to us as lawful and trustworthy behaviour in all areas. We strictly reject all forms of corruption and are committed to fair competition and to a free market economy. We select our business partners solely on the basis of objective and unbiased criteria.

We attach great importance to an atmosphere that is characterised by openness, transparency, appreciation, and trust. The same applies to our dealings with employees, customers, business partners, and other organisations and institutions.

The protection of personal data and the data entrusted to us by customers is extremely important and therefore an integral part of our business activities.


We have internalised sustainable action and we are committed to treating people and nature as indispensable partners. Therefore we strive to balance business and environmental interests. Sustainable action which conserves resources is inextricably linked to our DNA as a family-owned business.

In this spirit, we intend to continue to develop our high standards in order to achieve continuous improvement for people and the environment. Green Logistics and social responsibility are part of our everyday practice.

Continuous Improvement

We work constantly to improve our services, structures, and processes in order to satisfy the high quality standards we have set for the long term.

The know-how and skills of each employee are the basis for this continuous improvement process. To ensure this, we interact at all levels in an open, communicative manner which is defined by mutual respect.

Every employee is called upon to report violations of laws and/or violations of ethical and moral principles to the Compliance Officer or the Nagel-Group’s ombudsman. The anonymity of the whistleblower is protected. By doing this, the Nagel-Group wants to prevent that the whistleblower does not suffer any detriment when they report actual or suspected violations.

Food Safety Culture

For Nagel-Group as a food logistics company, Food Safety Culture is a matter of course as a uniform way of thinking and basis in the operational processes. Our aim is to avoid process deviations that can affect safety and quality of foodstuffs.

We, Nagel-Group, implement these topics through regular staff training and information events on relevant food safety topics. Through the promotion of the Food Safety Culture by managers, it is anchored in the consciousness of the employees which elements are necessary to meet the quality requirements of food logistics.

Environmental Protection

We set ourselves the goal of continuously improving environmental protection and ensure compliance with the applicable environmental laws by integrating an environmental management system.

For us, thinking and acting in an environmentally conscious manner is an obligation towards our fellow human beings and, moreover, an important factor for the positive development of Nagel-Group. The principles of our environmental policy are the careful use of natural resources, as well as the avoidance and reduction of harmful influences on the environment and the associated continuous improvement of ecological and economic efficiency.

More information

Please contact Corporate Legal or the Nagel-Group’s ombudsman if you need more information or have any questions. You can find the contact details under the following link.

HR Policy

As well as ensuring the quality standards of its services, Nagel-Group is committed to complying with minimum standards of social responsibility. Consideration of human rights and compliance with the relevant national laws are fundamental prerequisites for doing business with Nagel-Group. This HR Policy expresses this commitment and also serves as a guidance framework for all Nagel-Group employees as well as any contractually bound service providers.