Your new career in Nagel-Group

Here to grow

You will find your very own place in Nagel-Group as well as the support to achieve your professional goals and stamp your mark. We offer a wide range of opportunities for pupils and students, both young people fresh out of school or those who have completed all their studies and now want to take their first steps in working life in a family environment. You have the ideal opportunity with us to gain practical experience through an internship, a working student job, an apprenticeship or a dual course of studies. We are also an excellent choice for experienced professionals who want to expand their horizons and grow in a challenging environment. If we are not advertising a suitable vacancy, we are happy to consider unsolicited applications.

Professionals: New challenges and perspectives

We are delighted to meet people who have already found their place in the professional world and are now looking for new challenges! Do your innovative spirit, drive and a will to leave your mark on the future speak volumes for you? Then we should get to know each other because that is our mindset too.

Young professionals: Welcome to the fast lane!

We are always looking for bright minds who want to dive in there, make the most of their talents and are raring to make a difference. Our doors are open to all kinds of specialist areas. Whether logistics, economics, IT, engineering, law, real estate or any other exciting field of industry.

Students: The logistics professionals of tomorrow

Are you eager to build on your theoretical knowledge with valuable practical experience? Then get to know the diversity of our company and the dynamics of the logistics world first-hand. At the same time, you prepare yourself for the start of your career as a working student or intern. We guarantee you a wide range of varied insights and challenging tasks: Supply chains, warehousing, contract logostics etc.

Working student

Would you like to get a feel for our business up close and taste the practical side of the industry in the long term? Then why not become a working student at our headquarters and take a look behind the scenes of our international logistics group

University internship

Your internship at Nagel-Group will be a thrilling experience right from the start with so much to gain. We look forward to hearing from you if you are eager to learn and want to take on responsibility during your internship. The fields of activity open to you are as varied as our business.

You need to get as much benefit from your internship as we do, so your internship should be at least three months, and ideally six. You will be paired with a mentor throughout your internship who will help you familiarise yourself with the company and your chosen field of activity. They will be your first point of contact in case you have any questions or problems. We aim to promote your autonomy and work-leisure balance during your internship by allowing you flexibility in organising your working time of 39 hours a week using flexitime. Holidays are also standard with us.

Final thesis

You will find the topics you need in Nagel-Group, combined with the support that will drive you and us forward, whether you are working on your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. Ideally, you should already have an idea of the subject area you would like to work on as part of your thesis. We do not specifically advertise theses placements, so please feel free to contact us proactively.
Basically, there are various ways you can complete your thesis with us. You can combine your thesis with a position as an intern or a working student. Or you can also just write your thesis with us. In any case, we will reward your successful thesis with a bonus.

Pupils: Do you want to aim high?

Your school days are coming to an end; so now you’re looking for a career with a future? Maybe full-time study is just not your thing, and you’re planning to finish your studies early? Do you need to get a taste of practical work and get to know what really interests you? You will find a wide range of apprenticeships or dual courses of study here with us, and one of them will be right for you. The decision is yours!

School internship – get a taste of the practical side of life and discover your own interests

Are you still at school but ready to have a look at the professional side of life? Then how about a school internship with us? Your internship will be exciting right from day one, and something you are bound to gain from.
Has this sparked your interest? Then contact us at