The Nagel-Spirit

Brave. Inspiring. Successful.

To dare to do something new, to grow beyond oneself, to take on responsibility and set new standards. These are exactly the values that our employees can and should live every day. That is why we look for the sort of person who is courageous in their standpoint, demanding of themselves and who always give their best. Whether intern, trainee or professional. No matter if you are young, old, just starting out or an old hand – we are advocates of new ideas, initiative and innovation!


The epitome of our corporate culture

We stand for EMPOWER and EMPOWER stands for responsibility. We want everyone to take responsibility for themselves and the company. EMPOWER is therefore inextricably linked to the goal of enabling people in all areas of our company to be independent and free to take action. We face up to this responsibility.


We are convinced that a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, passion for our business and loyalty to the company, colleagues, customers, partners and ourselves alike, will ensure sustainable success for Nagel-Group


We promote each individuals potential. With us, you get every chance to become the best version of yourself. We rely on expertise and an environment of continuous development.


We demand commitment, give our best in everything we do and take responsibility for the results of our actions. Speed and determination are what set us apart.


We see change as an opportunity, which is why we not only welcome new ideas and opinions, but actively seek disruptive thinking, especially when it challenges existing beliefs. We promote open dialogue, because we are certain that it is only this courage to be open that will enable Nagel-Group to remain competitive in the long term.


We achieve business progress and personal development by constantly reflecting on ourselves and our decisions and learning from mistakes.


We strive for the best solution and highest quality, make well-considered decisions and act consistently ñ in all areas of our business. Our word is our bond!


We see ourselves as part of a whole and our dealings are equally honest, fair and respectful in all areas of the company and at all levels. In this way we create an environment in which every employee is proud to be part of Nagel-Group.