Nagel Austria: Your direct link to the urban centres in Europe

Your partner of choice for the transport and storage of temperature-controlled foodstuffs!

With 100 shipping routes and departures a day, including 30 international shipping routes, to all national and European destinations, Nagel Austria offers reliable service even during peak seasons. Our four Austrian branches are ideally situated and form an integral part of the Europe-wide Nagel network.


We deliver your goods quickly and reliably. We supply the Austrian urban centres and the food retailers’ distribution centres within 24 hours. Large parts of Germany can be reached within one day, northern Germany within 72 hours. We also deliver to Nagel Austria’s neighbouring countries in less than 48 or 72 hours.

24 hours of national transport time



Nagel Austria operates four strategically located sites, providing perfect conditions for optimal transport time of your goods. With 40,000 square metres of storage and handling space at your disposal, you can reach different recipient groups with our systematic, in-house route network. These include distribution centres, outlets, commercial consumers, hotels, restaurants, and production plants.

Taking into account Austria’s geography, distribution to area recipients is by way of a vehicle routing schedule.

Our gateway: Schweitenkirchen – north of Munich

Direct links to our Schweitenkirchen site enable you to exploit ideal bundling opportunities. The Nagel-Group branch north of Munich and Nagel Austria work together to organise and coordinate the entire logistics from the sites in Austria.

Using our gateway, we can thus reach many regions in Germany within 24 or 48 hours. The Schweitenkirchen branch facilitates smooth transport to all branches in Germany.
We supply the food retailers’ distribution centres directly every day with no need for further cross-docking.


Customer-focused and efficient

Nagel Austria is dedicated to meeting customers’ needs along the entire supply chain and keeping operational organisation highly flexible. Only in this way can they deliver a bespoke service that meets the specific needs of customer and product. We are your partner for all vital subsectors of food logistics and your go-to contact for all your particular requirements.

Our exclusive services

We offer personalised advice on your specific logistics and warehouse solution with suitable storage concepts and value-added services. Moreover, our warehouse management system provides transparency and improves efficiency.

Our warehouses at Nagel Austria allow you to store foodstuffs in all the critical temperature ranges from ultra-fresh to dry (from 0 °C to +25 °C). We are the logistics partner of the entire food industry – both for products and markets.

State-of-the-art IT solutions for greater efficiency

Nagel-Group’s own software company CAL Consult means precise and custom-fit solutions that meet your requirements. By continually developing our modern IT system, we can help you improve the effectiveness of your logistics processes. Proven interfaces and flexible EDI solutions reduce your costs while monitored backup systems give continuous security in your processes.

Our transport management system (TMS) also offers ideal support for optimising business and transport processes. This individual solution is continuously developed to be best prepared for new challenges faced by food logistics.

Optimise your logistics

Benefit from the expertise of the largest European food logistics company. Let’s work together to make the most of our highly efficient process chains and an optimised, extensive infrastructure.

We are also committed to effective energy efficiency, sustainability, and carbon emissions reduction. The ‘Lean & Green 1st Star’ award is a testament to our commitment and the values ​​for which Nagel-Group stands. You will have the peace of mind of knowing your food logistics are in the best possible hands at Nagel Austria.


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Reliability in all temperature classes

Food logistics is temperature logistics. Benefit from Nagel-Group’s wide range of expertise.