Sustainability is in our DNA.

Environment, human beings and economy in harmony.

This way, we define the conservation of resources as a basic principle of the service to our clients. In this spirit, we develop our high sustainability standards even further. Because those bring about continuous improvements for people and environment. For us, green logistics and social responsibility are not only nice to have but common practice.

Our company’s overriding goal is to remain sustainably fit for the future. To this end, we have set ourselves critical sub-goals at all levels of corporate responsibility:

Knowledge (SDG 4)

Well-trained and qualified employees are the key to success for every company. We, therefore, aim to give every employee what they need for their assigned job in the way of learning, development and change programmes, to always provide them with the knowledge they need, and thus give them what they need to perform their tasks to the best of their ability.

Energy (SDG 7)

Our goal is to either obtain the energy required for our production at the sites from renewable sources or to generate it ourselves by 2025. We set industry standards in the use of alternative drive concepts. One of the ways we achieve this is by entering into strategic partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers.

Health & Safety (SDG 8)

As a food logistics company, Nagel-Group’s employees are its greatest asset. We, therefore, strive to provide our employees with a healthy and safe working environment. Preventing accidents at work first and foremost means avoiding human and social harm. Nagel-Group is therefore striving towards ‘zero accidents’ by 2025.

Procurement (SDG 12)

We not only take into account economic, technical and process criteria in the procurement process, but sustainability will become an equally important decision criterion for all product groups by 2023.

CO2 emissions (SDG 13)

Nagel-Group will achieve climate neutrality in 2030 by offsetting unavoidable emissions. From 2026, we will increase the proportion of unavoidable emissions to be offset by 20% per annum.

Partnerships (SDG 17)

Nagel-Group is a reliable and principled partner for its stakeholders. Transparency, honesty and openness form the basis of long-term and successful partnerships. Our claim of ‘Connecting the world of food’ underlines our role as a link in supply chains and enables the necessary transformation (for example, by sharing knowledge, expertise, technology) towards a more sustainable future together.

Sustainability in our daily work. We’re already doing that:

  • Bundling of goods flows
  • Optimum utilisation of loading space (double-deck/multi-chamber truck)
  • Largely avoiding empty kilometres
  • Regular consumption checks on our truck fleet
  • Training and advice for fuel-efficient driving
  • Environmentally friendly lighting schemes
  • Heat recovery for real estate
  • Reduction of paper consumption
  • Waste reduction and recycling
  • Trialling modern drive technologies and trailer equipment in practice

Overview of target achievement

a) Environment

One of our short-term sub-targets in the area of the environment is that 10% of all Nagel-Group company cars should be electric by the end of Q2/2023. We have been able to achieve this sub-target in full. By the end of 2024, we want to increase the electric share of Nagel-Group company cars to 30%.


b) Social issues

The implementation of the Nagel Online Campus was completed at all German locations in August 2022, ahead of the target implementation date (end of 2022). The connection of the national subsidiary in Austria – Nagel Austria – was planned for 2023 and could already be implemented ahead of schedule. The national companies that are not yet connected will follow successively.


c) Economy

We aim to achieve an EBIT margin of more than 4 % every year. In 2020 and 2021, we achieved this target. In 2022, we were not able to achieve this target in full.

ZNU certification

Nagel-Group was the first logistics company to be certified with the ZNU ‘Sustainable Management’ standard in 2017. ZNU is an application-oriented research institute of the University of Witten/Herdecke.


Lean & Green Star

Our participation in the Lean&Green GS1 initiative once again underlines our company’s commitment to the environment. As a member of the non-profit initiative, we are committed to reducing logistics-related CO2 emissions by at least 20% within five years. Our action plan to achieve this goal has been reviewed and verified by TÜV-Nord. Nagel-Group was awarded the Lean&Green Star in October 2020 for its commitment to the environment.


Certified energy management

Nagel-Group is certified by certification company GUTcert in accordance with the latest energy management standard, ISO 50001:2018. Nagel-Group has optimised its energy management in a complex process with a view to the future to achieve this standard.


Climate Neutral Website

Our website is climate neutral:
Websites are climate neutral if the CO2 emissions generated have been calculated and offset. Surfing the internet produces CO2 emissions, primarily due to the power consumption of the servers, during data transmission and through the end devices of the users. Based on our monthly page views, we have calculated the CO2 emissions caused by our website together with ClimatePartner [Link:] and offset them via a certified climate protection project.

At you can see transparently how many CO2 emissions were caused by our website and which project we support. It is ClimatePartner’s exclusive climate protection project in the Luang Namtha region in northern Laos: renewable energy is generated via a hydropower plant on the Nam Long and fed into the regional power grid, replacing the fossil fuel energy that is partly purchased from China. The energy generated by this climate protection project through hydropower is considered emission-free and cheaper than purchased energy. Thus, the project contributes to a more stable, sustainable and independent energy supply in the region. (


Excerpt from our current projects

Pilot project to reduce CO2:

Nagel-Group puts aerodynamically optimised semi-trailers on the road

Nagel-Group has fitted two of its semi-trailer trucks with innovative aerodynamic elements as part of a pilot project to improve its vehicle fleet.


200,000 bees find a new home:

bee colonies introduced at five Nagel-Group sites

Biodiversity is under threat. The problem of bee mortality is very real, and one which could have significant ecological and economic consequences. After all, bees are responsible for the propagation of hundreds of thousands of plants.


Dialogue on climate protection:

Nagel-Group exchanges ideas with companies as part of the “Pathways to Paris” project

The Paris Agreement, an international treaty on climate change, aims to limit global warming to well below 2, and preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius. This target will pose enormous challenges for society and the economy in the coming years, to the extent that entire industries will need to be transformed.


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