For me, EMPOWER means ... trusting my line managers ... continuous improvement... and continued success ...

Mateusz Piatek

Position: Quality and CIP Manager

Part of Nagel-Group since: 2008

My career at Nagel-Group and before that:


Studies at the Silesian Technical University in Civil Engineering and Surface Safety Systems


Training as internal quality management auditor


Training as internal quality management auditor


Coordinator for forwarding department local and long-distance traffic


Operational manager for process optimisation in process management


Lead auditor and QM consultant of Nagel-Group quality management


Project manager central department task force


QM-and KVP Manager

Nagel-Group is a large European company which has been one of the leading providers of food logistics for years.

We aim to ensure customer satisfaction with on-time delivery, great precision, flexibility, passion, and top quality.
Nagel-Group has given me the opportunity to discover new countries, places, people and cultures in several European countries.

I have improved my professional and personal skills through further training as an internal quality management auditor.
Nagel-Group was very supportive and enabled me to complete this. I have been able to put these skills into practice in my daily work to this very day.
Over the years, I have been able to strike up many new friendships internationally that I feel will last forever.