A broad range of IT services

For challenges faced by food logistics.

The challenges and future trends in food logistics are digital. Modern IT solutions from our own software team demonstrably save time and significantly improve quality. These are centrally controlled throughout Europe and adapted locally for you. Our field-tested interfaces communicate smoothly with your IT landscape. Audited backup systems in our own data centres offer high availability and security. We use our own international software developers and are independent of third-party suppliers. This means we can react more quickly to your needs and new trends in food logistics.

Reliable IT infrastructure. International coverage.

Nagel-Group uses state-of-the-art, powerful and scalable systems that are redundantly designed and with high availability. The server and SAN systems, which are mostly virtualised, are proactively monitored. In this way, problems in food logistics can be identified at an early stage and appropriate countermeasures initiated. The data lines (WAN) are secured by a 2-stage backup strategy so that even if the main connections fail, communication for essential business data is assured via mobile communications. Continuous 24/7 support is available for all IT areas. We are well placed to meet all challenges and future trends in logistics!

High-performance IT services for all future trends:

eLogistics portal

Our internet-based applications offer convenient use and, at the same time, provide rapid and accurate information. Tracking & Tracing keeps your shipment in view, meaning it can be monitored in accordance with EC regulation 178/2002 (traceability of the food chain):

Consignment tracking online.

Modern tracking & tracing software keeps you, the customer, always in touch with where your consignment is at any particular time. At the same time, you can view or download proofs of delivery if you wish. We leave this decision entirely up to you.

Consignment recording online.

You can enter your consignment details here as a user in the specially established – of course, secure – area and generate NVE labels and loading lists, for example. You can use your individual pre-settings to customise the entry. In this way, transport consignment orders are placed consistently for all European markets. This accelerates all processes and fully exploits potential.

Internal transport exchange – for maximum return loads in long-distance transport

Our internal traffic exchange creates the necessary transparency for all long-distance routes handled by the organisation as well as possible connecting routes. In this way, we minimise empty kilometres and maximise capacity utilisation.

Monitoring of working, driving and rest times (Dikon)

Our drivers monitor compliance with driver regulations (driving times, rest periods, breaks) as well as correct handling of control devices in the vehicle Discrepancies are detected promptly in our monitoring system (Dikon) – and individual education measures for drivers are derived from this.

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

EDI lets us offer you an almost unlimited exchange of information. EDI forms the interface between our sites, you, the recipients of your consignments and other process partners. Our EDI clearing centre is the central point for convenient receipt and secure processing of your data. Fifty thousand interface files are currently exchanged with customers and partners every day.

All relevant interfaces in the areas of transport and warehouse management are covered, from order creation to status notification and billing.

All standards of data formats such as EDIFACT, EANCOM or SAP IDocs are supported, as well as any individual formats requested by the customer.

Transport Management Systems (TMS)

In transport management, we use an individual solution with software developed inhouse to provide bespoke support for Nagel-Group transport and business processes – and that of our customers. We are constantly developing our TMS with new product innovations to be ready for the future requirements of logistics processes.

Digital delivery note (DigiLis)

Digital delivery notes used within Nagel-Group – we call this DigiLis – mean information about the whereabouts of a delivery note is readily available at any time. Your individual delivery notes can be received and processed as a PDF. This guarantees error-free and transparent documentation flow. It also minimises paper consumption and conserves resources.

Equipment tracking (EQM)

Our trailers are equipped with a telematics system that enables us to do the following:
  • Identify the exact location of the trailers at any time.
  • Monitor temperature curves.
  • Document door opening times.
  • Detect deviations from the target state.
  • Inform the responsible person about alarm messages.
This provides security – especially over longer distances.
We keep track of every shipment – even with shorter distances in local traffic. Our own distribution vehicles and those of our contractors are equipped with MDE devices. This gives us access to:
  • Prompt documentation of the loading status
  • Transmission of delivery information, practically in real time, to our Tracking & Tracing system
  • Transmission of orders to the MDE device
  • Location of the vehicles. In this way, we find the right loading space for each shipment for cost-effective dispatching.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

We also rely on transparent structures in the warehouse. This is why we introduced paperless, electronic order processing into our processes many years ago. Using mobile reading devices, such as scanners or handheld devices, goods are assigned to the appropriate order directly via the package’s own barcode – errors are eliminated. The WMS is at the heart of the paperless warehouse control. The warehouse management system (WMS), developed by our own software team and tested and proven over many years, is specially designed to meet the requirements of food logistics, is individually tailored to your processes and integrated into them. Irrespective of whether we operate a conventional or an automatic high-bay warehouse for you. WMS has a modular structure and offers the following options, among others, via a high degree of parameterisation:

  • Continuous process chain from goods receipt to loading
  • Permanent progress and quality control (e.g. sampling)
  • Standardised data exchange independent of the ERP system
  • Complete process integration of value-added services
  • Permanent optimisation of all storage resources
  • Comprehensive reporting functions
  • Batch management and traceability according to Regulation (EC) No 178/2002
  • External customer access via web portal (e.g. inventory information, input of sales orders)
  • Chaotic as well as dynamic storage site allocation in different storage systems (e.g. rack, block, flow channel) under consideration of further criteria such as ABC classification or specifications of defined temperature requirements
  •  Multi-client capability
  • Defined warehouse withdrawal procedures (e.g. FIFO, FEFO)
  • Permanent inventory
  • Inventory management under consideration of quarantine and blocked stock
  • Management of different loading aids (load carriers)
  • Mapping of different picking strategies such as operative-to-goods, goods-to-operative or two-step picking
  • Route-optimised processing of orders
  • Registration of product-specific item weights
  • Automatic replenishment control

Back office

An effective back-end is vital for us to provide the best service to our customers. That is why we employ a dedicated team of employees in the back office who undertake the following:

  • Project management
  •  Make-or-buy decisions
  • 2nd level support
  • SAP in-house consulting
  • SAP custom development
  • Analysis of internal administrative processes and optimisation using modern software