Compliance at Nagel-Group

Whistleblowing system

Thank you for your interest in the Nagel-Group whistleblowing system.

Nagel-Group stands for integrity and transparency.

In order to prevent or detect violations of the law and to guarantee an EU-wide standard for the protection of whistle-blowers, the European Union has adopted the EU Whistle-blower Directive ((EU) 2019/1937).

The directive is implemented at Nagel-Group by setting up a corresponding reporting system consisting of a reporting portal and a hotline.

Our employees and third parties who have contact with Nagel-Group in the course of their professional activities can use the reporting system to report violations of the law and the Nagel-Group Code of Conduct. Reports can be submitted anonymously and confidentially. The report reaches the Integrity GmbH as an ombudsman office externally contracted with the handling information provided by whistle-blowers.

Further information is available on the whistle-blower portal.


NOTE: Please note that our whistleblowing system is not intended for general complaints. If you are dissatisfied with regard to any service provided by Nagel-Group, please contact the appropriate contact person.

Integrity GmbH

Whistleblowing Portal

Phone: +49173 459 11 96

Further information is available here


EU Whistle-blower Directive


The EU Whistleblowing Directive is available in German via the link below.



EU Whistle-blower Directive


The EU Whistleblowing Directive is available in English via the link below.