Nagel Danmark is approved by the Danish Food Administration for the transport, transhipment and storage of food. The Office for Food is an agency of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

Approvals apply, among other things, to

  • Organic food
  • Storage services
  • Customs warehousing
  • Export to certain third countries

We are also approved for storage and transport of the following products:

  • Tierische Nebenprodukte (Waren der Kategorie 3)
  • Futtermittel



Thorsvej 19, 6330 Padborg

Industrivej 10, 6330 Padborg

Transport plans

You will find here the new transport plans listed alphabetically. For an overview of zones, departures with collection and delivery, there are also booking deadlines, as well as a detailed zone map at the end of each overview. Please note that the transport plans do not apply to weekends and public holidays. Holiday plans can be found separately below.

Diesel surcharge

Date Rate Increase / Payable on
03.01.2022 12.7% -1,7%

We always calculate our transport prices excluding diesel surcharge. These are calculated every Monday based on the movement of oil prices during the previous week. The diesel surcharge that is calculated, therefore, applies for the current week.

Diesel surcharge calculations were introduced in 1999 because of the many and significant fluctuations in oil prices. ITD, the Danish industry organisation for road transport, monitors movements in diesel prices and calculates the impact of diesel oil on the total costs associated with export transport in Denmark and the rest of Europe. The movements are indicated here.