Modern food logistics from a single source.

Full truckloads (FTL)

Nagel Danmark offers refrigerated FTL transport. The entire load is transported directly to its destination. We cover all temperature ranges. From frozen food at -25°C to chocolate products at +15°C. Our transports deliver within Denmark or throughout Europe within Nagel-Group’s network. All our vehicles are equipped with satellite and temperature monitoring and guarantee complete deadline and quality control.

Less-than-truckload cargo transports (LTL)

An infrastructure that is specially adapted to their production rhythm is often set up for customers with large quantities of goods. Smaller customers often prefer their LTL consignments to be included in Nagel-Group’s general goods pool. This flexible concept allows us to offer daily or several-times-a-week departures between all destinations in Denmark, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. All areas of Denmark can be reached in under 24 hours, even with very small quantities of goods.

Warehouse logistics / Warehousing

Nagel Danmark not only stands for transport expertise but also for modern warehouse logistics solutions in the food sector – whether it’s for chilled, frozen or dry goods. From picking and packing to a wide range of value-added services:

  • Receipt control according to agreed control points and quality aspects
  • Storage in accordance with agreed storage criteria
  • Deep-freezing
  • Pick & Pack solutions
  • Delivery control and preparation of transport documents
  • Distribution
  • Washing of the loading equipment
  • Loading and unloading of containers
  • Repacking into/out of display crates, for example

EDI solutions

Do you work with an ERP system on a day-to-day basis? Then an EDI solution could be for you. This offers a wide range of benefits for your daily supply chain management: 100% automatic synchronisation of changes to sales or purchase orders in the ERP system. Nagel Danmark can print your delivery notes using your layout and logo. Your delivery note is automatically attached to the CMR consignment note. EDI communication means we receive all relevant information for invoicing and you can check invoices and carry out the entire accounting process automatically.