Nagel pays off on many levels

Our employees achieve great things, show commitment and passion. We offer a productive working environment where you can strike a balance between work and private life. Our programme includes company health management, flexible working hours and special initiatives to blend family and career.

You also enjoy specific benefits depending on your site, work area and activity – for example, flexible working hours in our headquarters, fitness courses in Poland or bikes-for-work in Germany.



Our salaries are in line with collective bargaining agreement groupings but agreed upon on a very personal basis. As well as competitive rates of pay, we also offer attractive holiday and Christmas bonuses and savings schemes.

Working hours

It doesn’t matter whether you’re full-time or part-time, mobile working from different sites or at a fixed workplace, with trust-based working hours or time recording and flexitime. Every person has individual needs and priorities depending on their own circumstances. So, we always look for ways we can adapt work to life situations, where necessary and feasible.

Nagel Academy

Career and development go hand in hand at Nagel. The Nagel Academy, our in-house talent factory, prepares you for your next step. We aim to identify your potential, and to give you the challenges you need, make your development paths transparent and offer you opportunities that best let you exploit your abilities to the full. Internal and external trainers & coaches make learning a valuable and efficient process. The Nagel Academy also offers specialist training on transport management systems or key account excellence, as well as on leadership, agile working methods and personal development. On top of all this, we support our employees in planning their career.


Company canteens at many of our sites offer a variety of healthy and nutritious food and drink. For example, a hearty breakfast, or regularly changing lunch menus with vegetarian options and a salad bar. As well as that, and depending on the site, we also offer meal subsidies.



We even have our own company kindergarten at the Borgholzhausen site with the Brummihof daycare centre. Juggling family and career has never been so easy.

Pension schemes

Provide for your own future with a little help from us. Company pension schemes are something we think are precious, which is why we subsidise your monthly contributions.

Employee benefits

A job at Nagel-Group could bring you benefits you wouldn’t normally expect – for instance, savings on your next Hertz car rental or on an Italian coffee from Segafredo Zanetti.


Occupational healthcare

Not only do we have a company doctor, but we also offer occupational health screening, ergonomics and health counselling. So, suppose you would have to take sick leave for extended periods. In that case, our occupational integration management would carefully help you to reintegrate. Working with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) frequently presents its own set of challenges. That is why we are happy to provide special corrective appliances for DSE use where needed.

Active at work

In addition to offering various sports such as running groups, company runs, we also help our employees to stay physically active at work with the bikes-for-work scheme. If you purchase your dream bike through us – offer includes e-bikes – you can save up to 40% compared to direct purchase.