For me, EMPOWER means: developing my personal strengths together with the company.

Annalena Schmidt

Position: Apprentice

Part of Nagel-Group since: August 2018

My career at Nagel-Group and before that:


Apprenticeship as specialist warehouse operative


Apprenticeship as specialist warehouse logistics

The fact that Nagel-Group is active in the food industry and offers crisis-proof jobs makes the company special for me.

Nagel-Group is a family-owned business which has grown continuously in Europe over the last few years. As an apprentice, you even get the opportunity to experience the different sites through a branch exchange.

Anyone starting work with us in the company needs to understand that they are expected to work independently, show initiative and take responsibility.

What I particularly like about us is that people in the various departments respect each other and work well together. The special thing about my job is that I was welcomed very openly in the various departments from the very beginning. The range of activities is so varied, it never gets boring.

My tasks include:

  • Order picking goods
  • Loading/unloading goods
  • Storage and relocation
  • Incoming goods
  • Processing of unaccepted goods
  • Approving and allocating orders for picking
  • Handling customer calls
  • Warehouse office duties

After just a very short time, I was allowed to take on a lot of responsibility in various departments. That was very gratifying personally because it demonstrated that my line managers were satisfied with my performance and had confidence in me.

Nagel-Group supports us apprentices extremely well. Especially when it comes to final exams. We are very well prepared with preparatory courses in practice and, of course, also for the theory examination, helping us successfully pass the apprenticeship training.