Future day 2023: Nagel-Group opens doors to offices and cross-docking centres

The branches in Borgholzhausen, Wustermark, Bremen, and the headquarters in Versmold took part in this special day and gave the pupils an insight into the diverse world of food logistics.

How would a 24,000-square-metre refrigerator look from the inside? This question can now be answered by all 40 pupils who spent their Future Day at Nagel-Group and had the opportunity to take a look at one of the largest refrigerators in Germany. In Borgholzhausen, for example, foodstuffs in various temperature ranges are stored, handled and delivered on around 24,000 square metres of logistics space.


The annual Future Day for girls and boys took place on 27 April 2023. This event aims to promote gender-sensitive professional orientation. The Future Day is supported by many schools and has now become an established part of the school year. For many children, it is an opportunity to learn about various professions and get inspired.


Making logistics tangible.

The day’s schedule not only included a tour of our cross-docking centre. According to the motto “Making logistics tangible”, many small activities were planned for the pupils. The exchange with the apprentices of Nagel-Group, independent order picking and the view from the driver’s cab of a new 40 tonne truck from the Nagel-Group fleet were particularly appreciated.

Logistics is diverse and offers a wide variety of jobs, whether at the steering wheel, in logistics planning or in customer service, Nagel-Group has a lot to offer. “We are looking forward to sharing our enthusiasm for food logistics with the next generation. Through the Future Day, we want to make a contribution to helping children discover their talents and interests and start their careers in the right sector,” says Isabelle Rottzoll, Apprenticeship Manager of Nagel-Group at the Wustermark site.


Every year, around 200 new apprentices start their careers at Nagel-Group. We offer apprenticeships in the following professions throughout Germany: professional driver, specialist in forwarding and logistics services, skilled warehouse operator, warehouse logistics specialist, dual courses of study for Bachelor of Arts (FH) Business Administration and dual courses of study for Bachelor of Arts (FH) Business Informatics. In addition, individual sites also offer apprenticeships for bodywork and vehicle mechanics, office managers, mechatronics specialists, IT clerks and IT specialists.


There are still apprenticeship vacancies for the year 2023! https://www.nagel-group.com/ausbildung