Company cars: Nagel-Group focuses on all-electric models

Hamburg/Versmold, 15/12/2022. Nagel-Group maintains one of the most modern and youngest truck fleets. Germany’s largest food logistics company also looks to advanced technologies for its own company cars: the fleet is being expanded by a large number of fully electric vehicles from different manufacturers.

Holger Werthschulte (3rd from left), CFO of Nagel-Group, is pleased about the great response from the employees. The pilot users already received their e-cars a few weeks ago.



“We are consciously focusing on fully electric cars that actually reduce CO² emissions. As a result, we will not be using hybrid vehicles,” explains Carsten Taucke, CEO of Nagel-Group. As early as 2021, 15 pilot users were allowed to order e-cars as their company car, with an almost 12-month wait for delivery. E-charging stations were installed during this time at the Versmold headquarters as well as at other locations.


“In 2022, we have added e-vehicles from Audi, Volkswagen, Tesla and Polestar to our company car catalogue. There has been a fantastic response from our employees,” says Carsten Taucke. One in three newly ordered vehicles is an e-car. And the trend is increasing.

All-electric pool vehicles have also been purchased. These are cars that can be booked by staff for business trips. E-pool vehicles are available in Versmold, Bochum, Wustermark and Oyten, and suitable charging infrastructures have been created in these locations.

“Installing an e-charging infrastructure is an integral part of our planning for new buildings and site expansions. Ideally, this is in combination with a photovoltaic system, as is being put in place in Bochum, for example. We will use the electricity generated here directly at the e-pumps for our cars, as well as for the first e-truck we are using for deliveries,” explains Carsten Taucke.

About Nagel-Group

Nagel-Group, which specialises in food logistics and operates throughout Europe, is headquartered in Versmold and employs over 11,500 people at more than 130 locations. Most recently, the company achieved a turnover of 2.1 billion euros. Every day, the group of companies moves foodstuffs in all consignment sizes and temperature classes. Whether frozen products, meat, dairy products, coffee or confectionery – day after day, Nagel-Group contributes on behalf of industry and trade to ensuring that consumers throughout Europe find the right goods at the right time and in the right quality at the point of sale. In this way, Nagel-Group makes a significant contribution to the success of its customers.

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Julian Mester
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