“Grow”. Your trainee programme with Nagel-Group  

A single focus – many interfaces!  

You’ve made it – now you’re part of the Nagel team. Silo thinking is obviously not your thing, so you need to get to know different teams and develop a broad range of skills, right? Then you’ve come to the right place! “GROW”, our internal trainee programme, offers you the perfect framework and is aimed at all Nagel-Group employees.  

You will work as a GROW’ler (participant in the GROW programme) over a period of two years alongside a member of the Board of Directors (BoD) or Executive Directors (ED) of the Nagel-Group. In this position, you will provide support to your manager in day-to-day business, act as a go-between contact person for all stakeholders in the organisational unit and gradually be entrusted with specific projects.  

All participants will get a comprehensive insight into their chosen business area and gain an insight into corporate management and leadership. The programme also focuses on your personal development. We would like to help you specifically work on your interests, knowledge and development potential in individual coaching sessions and development discussions.  

As a GROW’ler, you are one of our up-and-coming young talents and benefit from our targeted internal promotion of young talent as well as a large network. The GROW programme also includes working in teams on cross-departmental projects. The perfect opportunity to acquire new knowledge and exchange ideas! 

The People Development supports all our GROW’ler in their training. We always have an open ear for you whether your concern is a professional, personal or organisational one – and we will look for ways we can help you. 

All the information you need at a glance 

Participants: employees, trainees and dual study students at Nagel-Group
• Time period: 24 months
• Area:

• Assistant to the Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
• Assistant to the Chief Information Officer (CIO)
• Assistant to the Executive Director Logistics
• Assistant to the Executive Director Transport
• Assistant to the Executive Director Operational Excellence
• Assistant to the Executive Director HR
• Assistant to the Executive Director Sales
• Assistant to the Executive Director Legal & Governance

Your career starts now!