Right in the thick of it: Vincenzo Cannella has been a professional driver for over 30 years

The acute shortage of truck drivers is an ever-increasing challenge in the logistics industry.
Nagel-Group is meeting this challenge head-on at an early stage. This is why it has been training new professional drivers at a number of sites since the beginning. Nagel-Group operates a modern fleet of vehicles which are properly maintained to current safety standards. We fully train new applicants and career-changers with the knowledge they need to gain their truck driving licences. They can take up their new truck driving profession and then acquire different classes of driving licences.

Our strongly coordinated network means that almost all drivers are able to return to their own four walls for their evenings. Trailer switching significantly shortens the long-distance routes that professional drivers traditionally drove, reducing the range they need to cover.

We have driver and fleet supervisors in place at the branch offices to make sure our truck drivers have continuous support. Their role is to assist the drivers in all matters. In addition, our ‘Best Driver’ award encourages and rewards particularly environmentally friendly driving styles each year.

Vincenzo Cannella (56) is one of our professional drivers. He has felt perfectly at home on the roads of Europe as a professional driver for over 30 years, more than ten of them working for Nagel-Group. In our interview, he talks about his everyday life as a professional driver and what sets the profession apart for him.

You have been a truck driver for over 30 years. What makes this profession so special for you?

“I find driving a truck a lot of fun. You’re completely independent when you’re on the road; you’re responsible for what you do, carry out duties under your own initiative and make a real contribution to the success of the company. Plus, you always have contact with people and I love it that I get to drive big, new and great-looking vehicles every day.”

Apart from the professional tasks that you love, what do you personally enjoy most about driving?

“I have a lot of friendly people around me every day. OK, there are also some days when some people are a little less friendly, but I don’t let that get to me. And as well as that, I’m always happy to be able to pass on experience and knowledge to younger colleagues.”

With over 10 years of service: what in particular makes your work at Nagel-Group special?

“My colleagues are all great, ranging from the dispatchers and drivers to the supervisors. We all pull together and work well with each other; it’s a case of ‘all for one and one for all’. People help each other out and the trips all work out fine. The stress that drivers often talk about is, in my view, mainly a personal problem. To a large extent, you are the cause of your own stress.”

What would you say has been a really special experience for you as a professional driver over the years?

“A special experience for me was the fixed trip I got 10 years ago. I love meeting new people every day, as well as the people and colleagues I already know. Over time, I have even developed friendships out of this.”

What is your working environment and workplace like? What does Nagel-Group do to offer drivers a modern working environment?

“I think it’s great that our fleet is updated with new trucks on a regular basis. They are technically state-of-the-art. Maintenance and repairs is never a cause for concern.

We also always have modern vehicles to drive and electric industrial trucks for loading and unloading where they are needed. Any concerns the drivers have are dealt with and answered quickly. The internal driver and fleet supervisors are always on hand to offer advice and assistance. We get advice on how to drive better and solutions to problems. If we drive particularly well and save fuel, we can win the ‘Best Driver’ award.”

Why should young people choose to become truck drivers?

“Young people who are interested in large vehicles should definitely think about becoming a professional driver. You should also enjoy moving goods and merchandise. You are part of a much bigger picture as a professional driver, making sure that people get the goods and food they need.

It’s so much more than just driving trucks. You may be a small cog in an enormous wheel as a driver, but without that cog the whole engine wouldn’t run at all.”