Frischdienst Union opens regional central warehouse at Nagel-Group site in Markgröningen

Versmold/Markgröningen, 2 March 2021. More regional, more agile, and more sustainable: Frischdienst Union GmbH has put into operation its new regional central warehouse and is thus committing to even better customer service. Operating from Markgröningen close to Stuttgart, a site of its logistics partner Nagel-Group, Frischdienst Union now supplies its customers in southern Germany within 24 hours. Among the thousands of fresh and frozen goods, there are also many new regional products.


“The new central warehouse allows us to combine shorter transport routes with a service that is more readily available and more sustainable,” says Thomas Knaack, Managing Director. Nagel-Group has been active in the deep-frozen sector for Frischdienst Union in Markgröningen since November. Now, the site will also include a chilled warehouse. “We were renovating for two months before we could start storing and picking fresh products for Frischdienst Union. We are delighted to be expanding the partnership,” says Christian Berlin, Managing Director Germany at Nagel-Group.

Frischdienst Union’s warehouse in Markgröningen offers around 3,000 pallet spaces on 3,000 square metres in temperature zones from less than -25 °C to 6 °C. Frischdienst Union employs 40 service drivers who supply the region with goods from here. Moreover, the logistics service provider Nagel-Group has created 20 additional jobs. Customers in southern Germany primarily include bulk caterers for businesses and care facilities. However, butchers, bakeries, pubs, and clubs are also supplied.

“We are making a difference for our employees and our customers amidst the challenging COVID-19 pandemic,” says Thomas Knaack. The northern sales region will continue to be served from the main site and central warehouse in Versmold.

Customers in the southern sales region (i.e. Frankfurt to Lake Constance, Saarland to Upper Franconia and Lower Bavaria) will receive products from regional producers. Such products include prepared salads from Kugler Feinkost in Vaterstetten, fresh potato products from Wild GmbH in Eppingen or fresh meat from Haag Fleischgrosshandel GmbH & Co. KG in Möglingen. This year, this selection is to be expanded even further.


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