Use of social media

This is why we use social media for our communication.

Information, entertainment and dialogue. For us, these aspects are decisive in the social media sector. Our common target as a company is to inform our employees, customers, partners and interested parties about Nagel-Group’s latest news and developments. On our social media channels, we share information about events, developments from the company, trends, fairs, news from the career section and much more. Updating these channels as well as new posting and communications on behalf of Nagel-Group is carried out exclusively by those responsible for corporate communication.

We are looking forward to interesting dialogues and a lively exchange. In this context, we place great value on a respectful and friendly interaction with each other. Act fair, and always within the valid laws.

Please refrain from posting:

  • Any form of insults and disparagements
  • Incitements to violence against person, institutions or companies
  • Racism and hate propaganda
  • Pornography and obscenities
  • Misusing comment function as advertisement space for websites or services

We reserve the right to delete such posts and, if required, to report and/or block the author.


If you are uncertain, or have any questions, please contact us. The Marketing & Communication team is your contact partner.

Monday – Friday: 09:00-17:00


Social media netiquette 

1. Respectful interaction

Please stay fair, polite and respectful in all posts and comments. Do respect other user’s opinions. 

We will delete posts containing insults, obscenities, personal attacks, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or sexist statements and, if necessary, report them to the respective platform operators or block the author. The same applies to posts that are written in vulgar, abusive or hateful language or that violate third partie’s rights or copyrights.

2. Adhere to topic reference

Our social media channels provide information on Nagel-Group’s various activities. For this purpose, postings should always refer to the respective topic. Should this not be the case, we reserve the right to delete postings, if necessary.

3. Quotes and pictures

If you include a quote in your post, please also indicate the respective source as well as the author. 

When posting pictures, you should have the necessary rights on them. 

4. Abusive use

Misusing the various social media channels as advertising space for other websites or services as well as the commercial or private offering of goods is prohibited and will result in deletion of the post.

5. Responsibility

Everything published on the internet can only be hardly deleted or not at all. So just think carefully beforehand what consequences your words could have. 

We do not assume any responsibility for user’s posts, this lies with the respective person himself/herself. 

6. Adhere to the operator's rules

Please observe the usage rules of the corresponding channels as well as the applicable law.

You can contact our social media team from Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 17:00. If you have any remarks or questions, please feel free to contact us directly by e-mail: We are looking forward to your comments, dialogues and suggestions.

Our employee advice

We would like to provide a few guidelines in the use of social media for our employees. The use of social media is a purely private activity and there is of course a right to freedom of expression. Please check your activities on private networks carefully, however, as soon as you start discussing business topics. Be aware of your position in discussions, contributions or other activities associated with your private accounts and the company you belong to.

This advice is intended to support you in your activities on social media and help in clarifying any problem areas.

1.The same principle applies in the virtual world as in real life: you must not disclose internal information.

As an employee, you find out things not intended for those outside the company.The duty to keep confidentiality under employment law continues to apply online.

2.Do protect your private life. Think carefully about what you disclose about yourself.

In your social network, it is possible that there are people other than private contacts. Please think about that when you disclose information about yourself..

3.Think about the long-term effect of information on the net.

Everything published on the internet stays there. It is very difficult to undo or cancel anything, once it is published. Every action you take leaves a trace. So think carefully beforehand about the effect any statements could have for you personally, or for your employer. .

4.If you express views on the Nagel-Group’s website, we hope that you will identify yourself as an employee, so that your opinion of the Nagel-Group can be understood in that context..

Comments on the Nagel-Group, affiliated companies, partners or market circumstances can be better understood in context if you identify yourself as an employee of the Nagel-Group. It makes evaluating your opinions clearer.

5.A respectful attitude is important for everyone.

The Nagel-Group attaches great importance to treating other people fairly and having a respectful attitude towards competitors, customers and colleagues. Discrimination, disparaging comments and content which breaches the law are just as inappropriate when using social media. Respectful contributions are therefore desirable for everyone..

6.Fair and friendly communication makes for a good exchange of ideas..

Behaving in a fair and friendly way towards others is important to all of us. It is particularly advisable to find a good way of expressing yourself in the virtual world. Always consider whether you would say the same things to the person you are talking to online face to face.

7. In your own interests, ensure that your comments do not break any applicable laws.

Ensure that you abide by the law even when online. This may concern, for instance, data protection, copyright or safeguarding business secrets.

8. Exercise caution when opening files.

On the internet you will come across a multitude of files, programmes, photos and videos. These may contain viruses or other risks. Pay attention to the source, and always keep your security software up-to-date.

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