Nagel-Group inaugurates civil engineering works to enlarge the logistics site for dairy products in the Allgäu region

Buxheim/Memmingen. Nagel-Group is expanding its Buxheim branch by 11,000 pallet spaces. The contract logistics site is located on Bavaria’s western border with Baden-Württemberg. After completion, it will have about 33,000 pallet spaces. Nagel-Group serves various customers in Buxheim. The temperature-controlled multi-user warehouse is specially designed for storing dairy products.

The ground-breaking ceremony was held on 2 September 2021. Construction is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2022. Nagel-Group is investing about 15 million euros in the Buxheim site expansion: It involves expanding storage capacities and installing an automatic conveyor line connected to high-rack storage plus a photovoltaic system on the roofs of new and existing buildings.

Cross-border flows of goods to Switzerland, Italy and Austria

Christian Berlin, Managing Director for Germany at Nagel-Group, who attended the ground-breaking ceremony, explains: “Buxheim is an important warehouse site for the region in the south of Germany and is perfectly designed to meet the handling needs of dairy products.”

“By expanding, we are enabling our major customers from the Allgäu region to grow further. We are also expanding our range of value-added services in Buxheim. Our site in neighbouring Bad Grönenbach will supply the foodstuffs to our tightly-knit network and distribute the goods, both nationwide and to other European countries.” The Buxheim and Bad Grönenbach sites are located just off the Memmingen junction of the A7 and A96 motorways. This favourable location makes them particularly suitable for cross-border trade headed for Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Austria.

Photovoltaic system is installed

In addition to expanding the hall capacities at the Buxheim site, a photovoltaic system will also be installed. “The PV system will cover about 35% of our energy needs. This is roughly equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 480 three-person-households,” says Karl Sigloch, Branch Manager of the Buxheim and Bad Grönenbach sites for Nagel-Group. “As a ZNU-certified company, we attach great importance to high standards as regards sustainability: that is why we have always opted for LED lighting and electronic industrial trucks. Not only that, we have a trainee project dedicated to insect-friendly gardening,” Sigloch describes. Following the expansion, the surface water on the 62,400-square-metre site will be fed into the groundwater directly on site by percolation. Moreover, 15 custom-insulated loading gates will be installed to reduce energy loss during loading and unloading.

About Nagel-Group

Nagel-Group, which specialises in food logistics, operates throughout Europe and has its headquarters in Versmold. It employs over 12,000 people in more than 130 locations. The company group moves food consignments of all sizes and in all temperature ranges on a daily basis. Whether frozen products, meat, dairy products, coffee or sweets, whether on instructions by manufacturers or retailers, Nagel-Group daily provides consumers all over Europe at the point of sale with the right goods in the right quality at the right time.

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