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Compliance in the Nagel-Group

Do you have something to say? We are listening carefully!

In food logistics, the Nagel-Group stands for performance and quality. This focus is on the one hand a promise to our business partners, and on the other a challenge to the company’s employees. Integrity and transparency in business activities are extremely important in this respect. With the help of an Ombudsperson, the Nagel-Group intends to examine any information on breaches of the law in order to secure the long-term success of the business.

What is an Ombudsperson?

An Ombudsperson is a neutral external person who examines and manages any information received on behalf of the Nagel-Group. We engage an external lawyer who is obliged to maintain confidentiality and also preserves the anonymity of the whistle-blower in respect of the Nagel-Group.

All information received is examined by the Ombudsperson, its plausibility checked and forwarded to the Nagel-Group’s Compliance Officer. The latter sifts through and checks the information received and decides whether it will actually result in an investigation.

Who is the Ombudsperson for the Nagel-Group?

Dr. Eric Heitzer of the law firm Daniel, Hagelskamp & Co acts as an external Ombudsperson for the Nagel-Group. Employees and external third parties can contact this neutral department confidentially, particularly if they observe criminal offences within the company. You can find out more about Dr. Heitzer in an interview in our Newsroom.

The Ombudsperson can be contacted via the following contact data:

Dr. Eric Heitzer
Daniel, Hagelskamp & Kollegen
Lawyers and Tax Advisors
Jülicher Str. 215
D-52070 Aachen
Tel.: +49 241 94621-120
Fax: +49 241 94621-111

An Ombudsperson is available for every country in which the Nagel-Group is represented with its own branch.

BE - Belgium

Oliver Weinand
Avenue Louise, Louizalaan 109
1050 Brüssel
T +32 2 548 29 75

CH - Switzerland

Raffael Steger
Alpenquai 28a
T + 41 41 417 10 70

CZ - Czech Republic

Michaela Semelova
Pd Krizkem 428/4
14700 Praha – Branik
T +420 273 136 130

DE - Germany

Dr. Eric Heitzer
Jülicher Str. 215
D-52070 Aachen
T +49 241 94621 - 120

DK - Denmark

Nicolai Mallet
Philip Heymans Allé 7
2900 Hellerup
T +45 3334 4000

ES - Spain

Dr. Jochen Beckmann
Avd. Diagonal 421
08008 Barcelona
T +34 932 380 690

FR - France

Patrick Parniere
25, Boulevard du Président Wilson
67000 Strasbourg
T +33

GB - United Kingdom

David Griffiths
NG2 Business Park – Enterprise Way – DX 10010 Nottingham 1
T +44 (0)115 983 3712

HU - Hungary

Jan Burmeister
Stefánia út 101-103
1143 Budapest
T +36 1 41 33 400

IT - Italy

Karl-Heinz Lauser
Via Cesare Battisti 8
20122 Milano
T +39 02-67490445

NL - Netherlands

Dick Veltman
Pantheon 25
7521 PR Enschede
T +31 (0)53 480 42 61

PL - Poland

Robert Lewandowski
Pl. Powstancow Warszawy 2 A
PL-00-030 Warszawa
T +48 22 10 10 740

RO - Romania

Tudor Oancea
Str. Stirbei Voda nr. 95, Bl. 25 B, ET. 2, Ap. 5
010108 Bukarest 1
T +48 22 10 10 740

SE - Sweden

Sascha Schäferdiek
P.O. Box 7543
SE-10393 Stockholm
T +4 021 312 28 10

SK - Slovakia

JUDr. Margareta Sovova
Cintorinska 7
SK-81108 Bratislava
T +421 (2) 5788088

What happens after I have submitted information?

After your information has been received, the Ombudsperson checks its plausibility and passes the information on to our Compliance Officer He checks the information and as far as possible arranges for further investigations related to the topic to be carried out.

If there is a corresponding suspicion, he may also pass the content on to an external investigative body (law enforcement agencies, for instance) and possibly to an internal department (HR department, for instance), to impose penalties on the incriminated person.

We will inform the whistle-blower through the Ombudsman about the conclusion of findings, provided this is permissible under data-protection regulations.

How will my information help the Nagel-Group?

Are you aware of any breaches of compliance or risks which could pose a threat to the Nagel-Group? Your information will help the company to uncover possible irregularities and ward off any actual losses or damage to its reputation. Your commitment will contribute to the long-term success of the Nagel-Group.

What topics can I draw attention to?

You can provide information on possible breaches of compliance or risks which relate to the areas of theft, corruption, fraud, breach of trust, offences against competition law, sabotage, destruction and breach of data protection.

Even if your information does not fall into any of the categories listed above, you can approach the Ombudsperson in confidence. This also applies to whistle-blowers who are not employed by the Nagel-Group.

Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

With around 7,000 vehicles and around 12,000 employees at more than 130 Nagel-owned locations, our logistics network enables us to make more than 100,000 shipments every day.




All of Nagel-Group’s services have the same goal: perfect food logistics that give you a crucial competitive advantage.


About Us

About Us

Nagel-Group is a German family business with international presence. We are one of the leading providers for food logistics in Europe.