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Sustainability – Responsibility for People and the Environment

As a family-run business, Nagel-Group is committed to a forward-looking corporate policy. A path that integrates sustainable actions and will therefore stand the test of time.

At Nagel-Group, we are convinced that it is our responsibility as a company to regard people and nature as indispensable partners. That’s why we bridge the gap between economy and ecology. This way, we define the conservation of resources as a basic principle of the service to our clients. In this spirit, we develop our high sustainability standards even further. Because those bring about continuous improvements for people and environment. For us, green logistics and social responsibility are not only nice to have but common practice.

ZNU - Centre for Sustainable Corporate Leadership

The Nagel-Group has been a partner of the ZNU - Centre for Sustainable Corporate Leadership (Zentrum für Nachhaltige Unternehmensführung) since 2015. The ZNU is an application-oriented research institute within the Faculty of Management and Economics at Witten/Herdecke University. As a sustainability initiative of business and science, the ZNU engages in research, teaching, professional training and conferences with the aim of making sustainability achievable for the managers of today and tomorrow and to arouse enthusiasm for the opportunities that sustainable corporate leadership presents.

Environmentally friendly and resource-conserving technology

We consistently focus on the bundling of commodity flows and on environmentally friendly, resource saving technologies. Of course, this also applies to our vehicle fleet: in the logistics business, fuel consumption is not only a major cost factor, but also has a significant influence on the emissions caused. We have established regular consumption controls and we encourage fuel use optimised driving. Furthermore, we continuously keep track of state of the art solutions in the automotive industry. Low fuel usage and emission values are especially important criteria in procurement processes, with low rolling resistance tyres and other technologies fitted as standard.

We also fully realise our energy saving potential regarding our properties – from the ecologically minded planning of building capacities and warehouse heights, to using energy-efficient insulation and building material, as well as environmentally friendly lighting technology. Regular reviews of our building equipment lead us to sustainable results. That is how we meet our own high standards.

As a logistics provider, resource saving is a natural part of our business and identity.. It has a long tradition. That’s why we make sure that our processes remain at the cutting edge.


Remaining sustainable is the most important goal of every company. For a more sustainable corporate management, the Nagel-Group has set several goals which stand for a future-oriented and flexible basic orientation.

With our participation in the GS1 initiative Lean & Green, we once again emphasise our company's environmental commitment. As a member of the non-profit initiative, we commit ourselves to reduce the logistics-related CO2 emissions by at least 20 percent within five years. Our action plan to achieve this goal has been checked and approved by TÜV Nord. For the environmental commitment, the Nagel-Group was awarded the Lean & Green award in September 2016.

We are committed to the conservation of natural resources at various levels. For instance, we have set ourselves a clear goal to continually reduce paper consumption in all our branches by three percent a year and to introduce the use of recycling paper throughout the group.

For the Nagel Group as a food logistics company, employees are the most valuable asset. We therefore provide our employees with a healthy and safe working environment. Preventing accidents at work means first and foremost avoiding human and social suffering. Therefore, the Nagel Group pursues the goal of achieving "zero accidents" by 2025.

The vocational training of young people has a long-standing tradition at the Nagel-Group. In Germany alone, we are currently training about 600 young people in various logistical professions. We take on more than 200 apprentices every year. This makes the Nagel-Group one of the biggest providers of vocational training in the logistics sector. We also provide our new logistics recruits with long-term prospects in our company and strive for a retention rate of more than 80 percent. Even after completion of the apprenticeship, staff development is facilitated through trainings and on-the-job training and educational measures. Many of our former apprentices now work as specialists in responsible positions or managerial positions. To find out more information about our apprenticeships, click here

In this case, the efficiency of the Nagel-Group plays a major part. As a logistics provider operating throughout Europe, we aim to achieve a reasonable, annual increase of the return on sales. A continuous improvement of results is intended to ensure the future sustainability and performance for customers and employees of the company. In internal committees like the management conferences or the monthly results meetings, corporate structures are optimised, the economic orientation is discussed, results are analysed and cost structures are adjusted.

These are some of the things we are already doing today:

  • Commodity flow bundling
  • Optimal utilisation of freight space (double-decker- / multi-compartment truck)
  • Substantial avoidance of empty kilometres
  • Regular fuel consumption monitoring of our fleet
  • Training and instructions for optimal driving behaviour to minimise fuel consumption
  • Environmentally friendly lighting concept
  • Heat recovery in buildings
  • Waste reduction and recycling

Any questions? We will be happy to provide you with further information:

Focusing on people

At the same time, we take responsibility in society. As a service provider, we know that people are the most important factor in the success of our company. Clients, employees, young talents, business partners, consumers – these are the people who give meaning to our existence as a company. That’s why we want to contribute – so people are supported in their lives through education, sports and social organisations. Therefore we get involved inside and outside the Nagel-Group, for example for:

  • Sport and youth promotion
  • Cooperation between schools and companies
  • Further education
  • Work-life-balance

What we do for the future?
We act responsibly and resource efficiently.



Controlled and Secure: Freshness and quality are essential in our business. That’s why food security has the highest priority.


Food Logistics

Food Logistics

Proven and optimized processes. We serve you tailor-made recipes in food logistics for your groupage, contract logistics and much more.


Working at Nagel-Group

Working at Nagel-Group

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