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History – Leading from Experience

Our history has never been a reason for us to slow down: We are always driven to do our best, living the aspirations of our founders – with fresh services and the best quality.

We have been expanding our transport logistics network since 1935. It’s growing steadily, enabling us to fulfil highest expectations all over Europe. Our history makes us look ahead. And it makes us perform at our best. For you.

30's - 40's: The pioneering years

On 22 May 1935 Kurt and Rudolf Nagel founded the haulage company "Gebr. Nagel" in the Westphalian town of Versmold. The young entrepreneurs' first vehicle was a 10-tonne Büssing trailer truck. After just a few months Gebr. Nagel replaced the vehicle with an 18 tonner. The following year they extended their vehicle fleet to include a second-hand MAN 11-tonner. Having been granted the appropriate concession in 1938, Gebr. Nagel also became active in long-distance haulage. However, the Second World War was to block further growth of the business. After the war "Gebr. Nagel" began by starting up a regular groupage service to Southern Germany and Berlin.



Kurt and Rudolf Nagel found the haulage company „Gebrüder Nagel” in Versmold.


The Second World War interrupts the further growth of the company.


Kurt Nagel starts the business up again with just one truck.


In response to constantly increasing demand, Gebr. Nagel appoint their first white collar worker.

50's - 70's: On the road to expansion

In 1952 Kurt Nagel went his own way and started to expand his business under its current name "Kraftverkehr Nagel". The first branch office was opened in 1959 in Hamburg. A growing network of platforms helped achieving smooth performance in logistics services. To meet growing demand, by 1975 there were 50 modern HGVs available which facilitated the transportation of standard pallets and were already equipped with refrigeration for food transportation.



Kurt Nagel renames his company "Kraftverkehr Nagel".


Kraftverkehr Nagel wins its first major customer, the media giant Bertelsmann.


Kraftverkehr Nagel installs the first IT-system in the company's history.

1968 / 1969

A second branch in Munich is built up and the company continues to grow. The fleet comprises 31 long-distance vehicles and 28 short-distance vehicles; the company employs 150 staff.

1970 / 1972

Branches open in Berlin in 1970 and Stuttgart in 1972.


Four new branches: Bochum, Hilden, Frankfurt and Fürth.


The branch network continues to expand with branches in Hanover (1977), Achim (1978) and Heddesheim (1979). Modern administration premises are built for the company's head office in Versmold.

80's: Goods without frontiers

In 1984 leadership of the company had passed to the second generation, Kurt Nagel. In 1987 the growing logistics specialist entered the Dutch market and started its pan-European business.



Acquisition oft the haulage company Gebr. Mönkemöller.


Kurt Nagel enters the company.


Almost 2,000 staff are employed by the company; the fleet comprises around 750 vehicles.


The Bremen branch is expanded, whilst the Munich branch relocates from Garching to Allershausen and the Hamburg branch moves into new premises.


The first foreign subsidiary is founded in the Netherlands. The formation of Nagel Airfreight in Frankfurt marks the company's entry into the air freight business. 1987 is also the year in which Kraftverkehr obtains a 75 % share in the haulage company Lautz-Oberwelland.

90's: Freshness for Europe

The first branch in the New Federal States was opened in 1990 near Leipzig. With the acquisition of haulage companies in the UK and the foundation of subsidiaries in Sweden and Italy, the Nagel-Group quickly became established in the rapidly growing European market. Branches in Austria followed in 1995, and the Nagel-Group has been represented on the French market since 1999 by STG & Nagel Logistique.



The first own subsidiary in the newly formed German states opens in Wurzen, near Leipzig.


Company founder Kurt Nagel senior dies at the age of 83.

1993 - 1995

The acquisition of the forwarding agent "Ferryline" in Dover represents the first step of doing business in Great Britain, whereas the foundation of Nagel Sverige in Malmö represents the step of doing business in Scandinavia. Further companies are established by founding Nagel Italia in Italy and Nagel Austria in Austria. The participation in the Perishable Center Frankfurt (PCF) starts at Frankfurt airport.


By founding "STG & Nagel Logistique S.A.S.", a joint venture is established in France.

2000's: Opening up to new markets

The foundation of Nagel Polska in 2002 was the first step towards Eastern Europe. Further companies have been established in various Eastern European countries in the subsequent years. The acquisition of the British temperature-controlled logistics company Langdons and shareholdings in Andreas Andresen, as well as expansion into further countries in the European Community, has helped to consolidate the company's position in the European market.



Participation in Andreas Andresen A/S, the Danish market leader in the field of international food logistics. Acquisition of the perishable logistics operator Kühl-Trans Nagel in Versmold.

2002 - 2005

The Nagel-Group enters the East European marketwith Nagel Polska. The foundations of Nagel Cesko, Nagel Hungária and Nagel Slovensko follow. Majority acquisition of the forwarding agent Schäfer in Wilnsdorf, near Siegen, and of the Langdon Group in Great Britain as well as the forwarding agents Sengelmann (Ratekau) and Albatro (Kehl); Nagel Airfreight acquires Rockwood Airfreight in Amsterdam and the company Klaus Transporte in Kelsterbach (plant logistics).


The Versmold branch puts the new logistics facility at the site in Borgholzhausen into operation. This facility is the largest facility within Nagel-Group.

Acquisition of two regional forwarding agents for fresh products, Kring Logistik in Munich and Kring Oehrle in Erlangen, as well as participation in the Suisse cold chain logistics operator Euro-Frais Transit.


On 16 February 2008, the managing director and owner of Nagel-Group, Kurt Nagel, dies completely unexpected at the early age of only 46 years.

The expansion strategy pursued by Kurt Nagel is being continued: By founding Nagel Iberia, the logistics group has gained a foothold in South West Europe.

2009 – 2011

Acquisition of the cold chain logistics division of the fowarding agent Greiwing and transfer to the newly founded Food Logistics Versmold GmbH in Greven. Opening of the largest dry cargo warehouse (LK Logistik) in Schönberg. Opening of two further sites in Poland (Wroclaw/Breslau and Lublin).

With the establishment of Eurocool Nagel, the company has broken into the frozen foods sector and is currently launching its own regional representative offices in Switzerland and Romania, namely Nagel Suisse and Nagel Logistics Romania. In Romania, Nagel-Group has invested in Whiteland Logistics to the tune of 25%. Establishment of Nagel Emballage Services for manufacturing, repairing, trading and leasing loading equipment.


The establishment of the Nagel-Group brand is driven forward in Europe. This was accompanied by renaming of local companies in Great Britain and Denmark to Nagel Langdons and Nagel Danmark. The takeover of the Tiefkühllogistik-Center Wustermark (TCW) (frozen logistics centre) and S & G Gefrier- und Lagerhaus Rostock (frozen food warehouse) facilitated the intensification of the group activities in the area of frozen food logistics within Germany.

Kurt Nagel sen.

Kurt Nagel sen.

Born in 1909 in Recklinghausen, Kurt Nagel, with his brother Rudolf, founded the haulage company "Gebr. Nagel".


Kurt Nagel

Kurt Nagel

His life’s work remains unattained. In just a few years he created from his father’s firm a European group of companies of enormous status.


Working at Nagel-Group

Working at Nagel-Group

Fair, Inspiring and Responsible: As one of the leading providers in Europe, Nagel-Group also offers a lot of perspectives.