Revolution in the world of work, right?

New Work

Michael Lütjann I CIO

Michael Lütjann I CIO

There has never been a time when the general environment for people and companies alike has been through such rapid change. We can no longer rely on tried and tested corporate structures and ways of thinking from years gone by to develop logistics solutions of the future. Here at Nagel, however, we positively see this pressure to change as an opportunity and actively strive to embrace and shape this change in Nagel-Groupís working world. What does that mean, specifically?

Our vision is collaborative, networked, site- and time-independent work. We rely on trust, personal responsibility and independence, which is why we no longer see a continuous presence in the office as a top priority. Instead, modern digital workstations enable us to work in virtual teams regardless of physical location. We can work together with our customers and partners on current challenges. At the same time, we rely on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to digitalize and automate our processes. This means we free up time to deal with issues that are value-adding and at the same time meaningful. We also rely on mobile applications and are developing our own Nagel App Store to make complex processes as simple and digital as possible. For our customers, of course ñ but also for ourselves. We no longer want to have to rely on nothing more than gut feeling when making important decisions, but on data-based knowledge.

Mindful of our vision ‘We Empower You’, New Work to us means creating the best possible environment for each of our employees to perform to their best potential. We want to enable each individual to work innovatively and independently in flat hierarchies and agile teams. In practice, this involves trying things out, making decisions yourself as well as not being afraid of making mistakes.

In reality, New Work is not as simple as it sounds, and the road ahead will demand a lot from all of us. We look forward to hearing from you though!