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    STG & Nagel Logistique

    STG & Nagel, which was established in 1999, is specialised in international logistics. STG & Nagel has five French branches: in Paris (Rungis), Lyon (Communay), Rennes (Noyal-sur-Vilaine), Lille (Libercourt) and Poitiers (Fleuré).

    STG & Nagel Logistique
    Head Office for France

    1, rue de la Corderie
    Centra 337
    F-94586 Rungis cedex
    Telephone: +33 1 41801360
    Fax: +33 1 41801369
    Download: Directions

    Lille branch (Libercourt)

    The Lille branch in Nord-Pas-de-Calais was established in 2004 and covers north and north-east France. It is based in Libercourt, just a few kilometres south of Lille.

    STG & Nagel Logistique
    Lille branch

    ZA Les Botiaux
    F-62820 Libercourt
    Telephone: +33 3 21377676
    Fax: +33 3 21377677

    Lyon branch (Communay)

    Our Lyon branch was opened one year after the foundation of STG & Nagel Logistique. It is located on the company grounds of the STG branch GLF in Communay, a suburb of Lyon, the third largest city in France.

    STG & Nagel Logistique
    Lyon branch

    Z.I. du Val de Charvas
    F-69360 Communay
    Telephone: +33 4 72498780
    Fax: +33 4 72498784

    Paris branch (Rungis)

    In Paris, France's metropolis, the head offices of STG & Nagel Logistique are located as well as our French company's first branch. Whereas the facilities of our joint venture partner STG in Orly were first used in order to found this branch in 1999, the head offices of the company as well as its branch have been located in Rungis since 2010.

    STG & Nagel Logistique
    Paris branch

    12, Rue du Poitou
    bâtiment D7 - PLA 425
    F-94619 Rungis cedex
    Telephone: +33 1 41801250
    Fax: +33 1 46870375

    Poitiers branch (Fleuré)

    The Poitiers branch situated in western France is the newest of the five STG & Nagel Logistique branches. It commenced operations on 1 July 2010 and is located in Fleuré, a suburb of Poitiers.

    STG & Nagel Logistique
    Poitiers branch

    PA les Anthyllis
    F-86340 Fleuré
    Telephone: +33 5 49423868
    Fax: +33 5 49893212

    Rennes branch (Noyal-sur-Vilaine)

    Our Rennes branch has its seat on the company grounds of our joint venture partner STG in Noyal sur Vilaine, where its head offices are located, too. This branch in the Bretagne was opened by STG & Nagel Logistique in 2002.

    STG & Nagel Logistique
    Rennes branch

    Route de Rennes
    F-35530 Noyal-sur-Vilaine
    Telephone: +33 2 99006110
    Fax: +33 2 99006589

    Food Logistics

    Food Logistics

    Proven and optimized processes. We serve you tailor-made recipes in food logistics for your groupage, contract logistics and much more.




    Nagel-Group is a German family business with international presence and an extensive distribution network of branches and partners.


    European network

    European network

    The Nagel-Group optimises your deliveries by means of the most comprehensive grocery logistics network across Europe.