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    Frozen Logistics Centre in Wustermark

    The frozen logistics centre in Wustermark (FLC) is the professional partner you need and not only for warehousing. From cold storage to picking right through to quality control - we cover the entire range of services offered by a modern frozen logistics service provider! Our customers from Berlin and from all over Germany value our amazing flexibility and ability to meet deadlines.

    Plenty of space for your products

    The site in Wustermark has storage capacity for more than 20,500 pallets. There are also multi-functional chambers for related services and a separate freight forwarding department. We can adapt to any situation: depending on our workload, the functions of the various chambers can be changed to cope. This allows us to fulfil our customers’ requirements quickly and effectively.

    What can we offer you?

    We provide you with everything you need to ensure your goods are distributed as smoothly as possible. From transport to warehousing right through to delivery to the points-of-sale, we ensure that the high quality of your goods is preserved. Many manufacturers of frozen produce and bakery products as well as customers from the meat and fish industries benefit from our extensive services.

    Overview of our range of services

    Outstanding frozen logistics storage areas

    • Direct docking of frozen goods

    • Frozen stores used consistently throughout the loading area

    • Tempering and processing rooms

    • Storage, order picking and goods transshipment in the frozen logistics area down to -30 °C

    • Blast freezing (down to -38 °C)

    • Bonded warehouses (customs)

    Comprehensive range of services

    • Repacking, packaging, sorting, labelling, disassembly of goods, weighing, sample taking, quality controls

    • Processing of raw materials, fruits and concentrates for direct customer-specific end processing

    • Container shipment

    • Customs and veterinary clearance for imports & exports

    • Transport of supplies and waste disposal within Europe

    • Optimum availability of staff thanks to flexible working hours

    • All work carried out in accordance with the hygiene regulations HACCP

    High-performance information and communication systems

    • Individual remote data transmission connections to all customer-specific systems

    • IT-controlled stock management, batch tracking in accordance with GS1-123 barcode and BBD management, scanning

    • IT system linked to our partners

    • Real-time information flow regarding the status of your shipment

    • Tracking & tracing

    • Customer-centric process control

    No-compromise services using sustainable technology

    When it comes to our warehousing and building technology, we place a great deal of importance on sustainability and environmental protection: ecological planning of capacities and heights of halls, environmentally-friendly lighting technologies, heat recovery, direct frozen logistics docking – the Frozen Logistics Centre is designed to consume minimum amounts of energy.

    Want to find out more?
    What can we do for you?

    TCW Wustermark GmbH
    Kurt-Nagel-Straße 10
    D-14641 Wustermark
    Telephone: +49 (0)33234 23-0
    Fax: +49 (0)33234 23-500
    E-mail: info.t10@nagel-group.com



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    Warehouse Logistics

    Warehouse Logistics

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