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Food Logistics


IT Services – The Way to the Future

Our pioneering and innovative information logistics solutions can provide your business with immediate savings in time and costs. Flexible, easy to adapt and extend, they can provide information anytime, anywhere.That makes us ready today for your needs tomorrow.

eLogistics Portal – provides transparency, creates synergy effects

Our online applications for our customers and staff are simple and user-friendly, while providing information fast, and matched precisely to their needs:

• Online consignment tracking

With modern tracking & tracing software, you always know exactly where your consignment is. At the same time, you can check on proofs of delivery, or receive them as a download if you wish.

• Online consignment registration

In this situation, you can register data relating to your consignment in the area provided especially for you. With full protection you can also create, for example, NVE labels and loading lists. In addition, you can determine individual pre-settings to optimise the registration process. This means that the issue of orders for transport consignments can be carried out uniformly for all markets in Europe, speeding up all processes.

• Internal forwarding exchange – for maximum back-load possibilities in long-distance transport

Our internal forwarding exchange creates the necessary transparency for all long-distance journeys, as well as possible connection journeys. This means we can avoid empty running, and ensure optimum utilisation of the available capacities.

• Monitoring of work, driving time, and rest periods (Dikon)

Complying with regulations regarding driving personnel (driving times, rest periods, interruption of journeys), as well as the correct means of dealing with monitoring equipment in the vehicle, is carefully supervised when our drivers are at work. Any deviations are soon detected by our monitoring system (Dikon), and from this individual training procedures for the drivers are derived.

Electronic Data Interchange - EDI

Thanks to the use of the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) we can provide you with an almost limitless exchange of data. EDI forms the interface between our locations, you, the recipients of your consignments, and other parties involved in the process. Our EDI Clearing Centre is the central link for easily manageable, reliable and secure processing of your data. At the present time 50,000 interface files are exchanged daily with our customers and associates.

All relevant interfaces in the transport and warehouse management sectors are implemented, from the placing of orders, to status notification, to factoring.

All data format standards are supported, such as EDIFACT, EANCOM or SAP IDocs, as well as individual formats at the customer’s request.

Transport Management Systems – TMS

When it comes to transport management, we use an individual solution developed by our own software house to provide the best possible support for your transport and business processes . We constantly upgrade our TMS with product innovations to ensure that we stay able to handle all your future logistics demands.

Digital Delivery Note - DigiLis

Digital delivery notes, which we refer to as DigiLis, means that information regarding the whereabouts of a delivery note can be accessed by you at any time. Your individual delivery notes can be received as PDFs and then undergo further processing. This enables error-free and transparent document flow, as well as minimising paper consumption and saving resources.

Equipment Tracking - EQM

Our trailers are equipped with a telematics system, enabling us to:

• Identify the precise location of the trailers at all times

• Monitor temperature curves

• Record door opening times

• Identify any deviations from the specified status

• Notify the person responsible in each case by means of alarm messages

That means safety and security, in particular on long journeys.

And Even over shorter distances in local transport operations, we continue to track every consignment. Our own distribution vehicles and those of our contractors are all equipped with MDE devices. This means we have access to:

• Close to real-time documentation of load statuses

• Provision of delivery information in close to real-time to our tracking & tracing system

• Passing of orders to the MDE device

• Location of the vehicles

This means we can find the right loading space for every consignment, for cost-optimised dispatch.

Warehouse Management System – WMS

When it comes to warehousing, we rely on completely transparent structures as well. This is why we introduced paperless order handling to our processes years ago. Thanks to mobile reader devices, such as scanners or handhelds, goods are allocated to the appropriate order directly, by means of the barcode specific to the packing unit – meaning no more errors. The heart of the voucher-less warehouse controlling system is our Warehouse Management System (WMS), developed by our own software house, and proven over many years, WMS is tailored individually to customers' processes, regardless of whether we are operating a conventional high bay store for an automatic format. WMS is a modular structure and, thanks to its high degree of customization, it can offer these possibilities, among others:


• Continuous process chain, from goods reception to loading

• Permanent progress and quality controlling (e.g. sampling)

• Standardised data exchange independently of the ERP system

• Complete process integration of value-added services

• Continual optimisation of all warehouse resources

• Complete reporting functions

• Batch administration and traceability in accordance with Directive (EC) No. 178/2002

• External customer access via the eLogistics Portal (e.g. status information, input of customer orders)


• Random and dynamic storage location placement in a variety of storage systems (such as high bay, block, flow rack), taking account of other criteria such as an ABC-classification, or specifications of defined temperature requirements

• Multiple customer capacity

• Defined order-picking procedures (e.g. FIFO, FEFO)

• Permanent inventory

• Stock management, taking account of quarantine and blocked statuses

• Administration of different loading aids (load carriers)


• Representation of different picking strategies, such as man-to-goods, goods-to-man, or two-step picking

• Route optimised processing of orders

• Logging of product specific article weights

• Automatic replenishment control

Back office – for professional project management

To provide the best possible service to our customers, we need a reliable back-office. That’s why we maintain a dedicated team in the back office, who focus on these areas:

• Project management

• Make or buy decisions

• 2nd level support

• SAP in-house consultation

• SAP Individual development

• Analysis of the internal administrative sequences and optimisation using the latest software

Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics

Efficient contract logistics are adapted to your processes and speed them up at the same time. We serve you tailor-made recipes.




It is our responsibility to regard people and nature as indispensable partners. That’s why we bridge the gap between economy and ecology.


Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

Join us on our exciting journey to new benchmarks in food logistics. Let’s secure and expand our market leading position together!