How we want to lead tomorrow

New Leadership

Christian Bleiker I Executive Director HR & Legal

Christian Bleiker I Executive Director

Hardly a day goes by without some report surfacing detailing all the changes in the world of work. DAX-listed companies, small and medium-sized enterprises ñ all types of business structures are launching initiatives that analyse and implement modern forms of corporate management and work organisation. We at Nagel-Group also keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and influences so we can put the latest thinking into action. We are currently putting this into practice with New Leadership.

As a company, we have recently set out to create agile corporate structures where teamworking is a priority. This is no small undertaking for a group of our size and can only work with an extraordinary focus on our values of openness, speed and courage, a newly formulated common understanding of leadership and cooperation. New Leadership is a fundamental component on this path. People are now more diverse and the demands on their work and management styles and methods are more radically different than has ever been the case in the past. The principle of trust, freedom and purpose universally applies today and promotes an independent and self-reliant way of working. Employees want to shape and develop their own solutions, develop themselves and be treated with fairness when they make mistakes. The spotlight on all of this falls on our managers.

New Leadership at Nagel-Group has set out to face these challenges head-on and combines them with principles of leadership in the digital age. We are therefore making the shift of transforming our managers more into leadership personalities who are more mentor than ëtraditionalí boss, who conduct dialogue with employees as equals and who are not only aware of their strengths and weaknesses, but can also use and promote these qualities accordingly. A leader at Nagel-Group inspires confidence; lives a spirit of openness, courage and results-orientation; facilitates autonomy; ensures short decision-making paths; and also is tolerant of organised chaos. A leader is a person with sensitivity, who inspires, conveys a sense of purpose and vision, is technology-literate and leads successfully into the future with authenticity and charisma. At Nagel-Group, a long and very successful hierarchical management style is now making the shift towards transformational leadership, with effective, motivated ñ sometimes agile ñ teams, an inspiring and vibrant work environment and the necessary critical thinking and self-reflection qualities which are the key to success. This is our path towards New Leadership at Nagel-Group to which we devote all the strength and endurance at our disposal!